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interviews & live music

Filming, sound recording and editing low-to-no-budget interviews, mini-docs and live music performances,

for commission or just for the pleasure.

I'm looking to work with likeminded people and organisations, particularly artists and creatives,

and would love to work with charities and ethical businesses.

Clive Brown interview and performances

Ali George interview and performances

Sarah Angliss interview and performances

Nadine Khouri acoustic performance

Fat Gay Vegan interview

Interview with Tony Nwachukwu of CDR 

Julian Sartorius, at Sonic Imperfections (15/06/16)

Merz, at Sonic Imperfections (15/06/16)

Interview with Desmond Early

performance ART

Filming and editing comedy, poetry, dance and performance art for commission, for promotional/archive purposes.

 TITS documentary screening gala (2018)

Love is a Work in Progress (2018)


Writing, directing, filming and editing a short low-to-no budget comedy, and assisting with filming on another..

The Woman Who Shouts At Birds (2017)

The Pitch (2015)

IMG_0141 2.JPG


Filming and editing scenes for actor Sheri Sadd's showreel.

Di and Viv and Rose scene


Rooftop monologue



Filming choreography for archival purposes.

Project Trans(m)it: Phase Three performance

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