These are three feature-length spec scripts that I'm looking to get optioned (and I've many ideas, outlines and first drafts for others). Two horrors, and one romance, and ideas for a revenge, another romance, a sci-fi, and a supernatural thriller. I'm also looking for commissions.

If you are a director or work for a film production company, and would like to request to read the screenplays and plot synopses, have a meeting, or be pitched to, email: hello@samuelhollowayproductions.com



An 89 page horror spec script. I am so excited about this screenplay. Whenever I describe it to someone I see them get chills, and some have told me it's given them nightmares, so I know I'm on to something. I would love to tell you about the brutal twists, colourful characters and unforgettable climaxes.


Think Black Christmas meets You're Next.

Three couples tighten their home security when their village is hit by a gruesome double murder, only to realise that the killer is much closer to home than they ever could have guessed.

“As safe as houses”

A creepy and grotesque horror story, with three creatively unique antagonists… Even in the opening scene, the script is able to establish a tense atmosphere and a feeling of ominous apprehension… The script does a wonderful job in setting the mood and tone”
Mr. Hidey and his brothers are indeed terrifying and disturbing characters... truly horrifying.

A BlueCat analyst.

The writer has done a magnificent job of creating a sense of dread from the first scenes... the audience will be on the edge of their seat… this was a very readable and enjoyable script with a very high standard of writing... a disconcerting and shudder-inducing story. 

A Screencraft analyst.


A 95 page romance spec script, about a couple who meet at a blood donor session - an alcoholic life model from the city, who meets a tee-total scaffolder from the countryside. At first they seem to be one others' lifesavers, but then they threaten to be the death of one another. Think Amelie meets Punch Drunk Love, but with tanks thrown in. 



A 90 page horror spec script. about a teenage papergirl who works the dark early hours of the morning in the countryside. She is haunted by the sound of pigs' screams coming from her local disused farm, and when she investigates she uncovers a shocking and explosive secret. An atmospheric supernatural chiller - think The Orphanage with an English rural setting.