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about me

Screenwriter - Videographer - Composer


Photo by Jose Gomez

Samuel Holloway is a screenwriter for feature-length film, with three complete screenplays. He has a diverse interest in all genres, but ever since he was a small boy watching 18 certificate films with his two older brothers, he has had a soft spot for the horror genre's finest.

He also loves composing for film. He has scored a feature-length documentary, and a long format news report for France 24, and is currently looking to break in to scoring horror shorts and features. 

And he loves directing, filming and editing videos. He can't stop producing interviews, mini-docs, performance videos, short films and music videos.

To see his portfolios, please click on the section headings at the top of this website.

Born and raised in Somerset, near Bristol, and now based in South East London, Samuel Holloway can't stop creating. He understands the film, writing and music mediums from multiple perspectives. He finds and nurtures the middle ground where two people's passions overlap, he cares, he works fast, and he's sickeningly polite.

He loves the TV show Utopia, is addicted to gyoza, and likes black coffee more than Agent Cooper.

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